How to choose furniture for your interior


However, often even a very expensive sofa, which looked great in the store, suddenly turns out to be more than necessary at home, does not fit into the already designed interior style, and in general, this is not at all what we wanted! There is a problem with storage places at all - the owners, who did not think in advance how many drawers and shelves they need, are then forced to find the opportunity to additionally install a bedside table or hang a shelf.

That is why the choice of furniture is a very responsible task. Moreover, you get it for more than one year, you will live with it for a long time, and the price of the issue is far from a penny.

Before you go to the store or place an order on the Internet, you should calmly think about what kind of furniture you need. You must answer the following questions for yourself:

What exactly will be in the bedroom, living room, etc. For example, will your main storage place be a closet in the hallway, or is there not enough space and you have to put it in the bedroom? Where will the computer desk be located - in the bedroom or living room?
How many storage spaces do you need. Think about whether one closet is enough for the whole family or do you need a separate locker for children's clothes? If you have a large library, consider how many bookshelves you will need. There is a collection of dishes or souvenirs - you need a place for them.
Will the bedroom fit a double bed where the children will sleep, is there a need for a place for guests who can stay overnight?
Can the same piece of furniture perform several functions? So, a folding sofa will become a comfortable sleeping place, a sliding and rising coffee table - a dining table, and a bed with drawers - a place for storage. Such options are especially relevant for small spaces.
Thinking about the amount of furniture needed, do not forget that the furniture must first of all perform certain functions and meet the needs of all family members. Ideally, if you are furnishing your new apartment for the first time, you should make lists of the necessary pieces of furniture for each room.

We plan the arrangement
So, we have decided on the number of pieces of furniture and their functions. Now you have to decide where exactly all this will stand. At this stage of planning the arrangement of furniture, you can act in different ways:

Just walk around the room and imagine where it is better to put it. Be sure to “arm yourself” with a tape measure and measure every corner to determine the maximum size of a sofa, wardrobe or bed.
Draw the location of cabinets and shelves directly on the wall - it will turn out quite clearly. This method is ideal for locating exactly vertical storage places, for example, parts of a kitchen set or a wall in a living room, although it will be possible to indicate the maximum height of the back of a sofa or head of a bed on the wall.
Draw a diagram of your room, maintaining the selected scale. Then draw pieces of furniture on the same scale, cut and rearrange on the diagram, choosing the optimal location of the kit.
Use modern computer programs. The application for choosing furniture, designed for a computer, smartphone or tablet, will allow you to conveniently, quickly and very clearly imagine how the piece of furniture you like will look like in your room. Such programs work simply - take a picture of your room, choose furniture from the presented catalog and arrange it in its place in your virtual interior.

With masking tape, mark on the floor the places where you plan to put a chair or sofa. This option is suitable for arranging upholstered furniture, which will take up a lot of space on the floor. Such dedicated zones will allow you to determine the maximum dimensions of the furniture.
Turn to professionals and order a design project of furniture. In general, this is an excellent option that puts all the hassle of choosing and arranging furniture on the shoulders of specialists. The main disadvantage of this solution is the high cost of the design project. In addition, your ideas about beauty may not coincide with the opinion of the designer. You can also use a service such as Express Design Consultation. In this case, a professional designer does not draw up a detailed and therefore expensive furnishing project, but simply gives some advice. Such a visit usually takes about three hours and is relatively inexpensive.
When drawing up a plan for arranging furniture, remember that each room will have its own semantic center. In the bedroom, it usually becomes a bed, in the living room - a set of upholstered furniture, a fireplace, an original coffee table or a wall with bookshelves, in the kitchen - a dining table, and in the nursery - a workplace or a bright sofa. It is necessary to arrange the rest of the furniture in such a way as to emphasize the importance of this central piece of furniture.

Our recommendations will be especially useful to homeowners who are planning to completely refurbish one of the rooms or are choosing furniture for their new home for the first time. Do not rush to the nearest furniture store to purchase what is available. Think over your decision well, prepare in advance, go through all the mandatory selection steps, and only after all this place an order in the catalog, call a furniture maker or go to the store.

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