Which outdoor furniture will last decades?


What challenges do outdoor furniture owners face and how can HPL address them?
Moisture exposure. Structures made of wood swell over time, those made of metal become covered with rust. But absolutely moisture resistant HPL retains an attractive appearance even with constant proximity to moisture.
Temperature changes. Plastic and rattan products can be damaged even by mild frosts. At the same time, HPL is protected from aggressive environmental influences, so it does not require special protection in winter and in summer heat.
Ultraviolet. Painted surfaces fade over time, so they need to be repainted periodically. Whereas UV protected HPL will not fade over time due to sun exposure.
Various damage. Scratches, chips, cracks and other defects appear even with careful treatment. Anti-vandal HPL is impact-resistant, it has increased resistance to mechanical stress.
Fire resistance. Ordinary plastic can deteriorate even from hot dishes, wood and rattan - from accidental contact with coal from the barbecue. Slow-burning HPL has increased heat resistance, it does not collapse during combustion.
Environmental friendliness. Paints, varnishes and impregnations adversely affect health. Compliant with the most stringent standards, environmentally friendly HPL is widely used in even medical and educational institutions.
Pollution. The porous surfaces of wood and stone easily absorb dirt and are difficult to clean. Non-porous HPL cleans quickly without specialized products and is unaffected by harsh chemicals.
Design restrictions. If a tree after any processing continues to look like a tree, then decorative HPL allows you to skillfully imitate a variety of materials (wood, stone, metal). The design possibilities are also expanded by the variability of surfaces - glossy, matte, wood-like, stone, etc.

What gives HPL its unique performance characteristics?
HPL consists of sheets of kraft paper impregnated with synthetic thermosetting resins. The production process involves a combined effect on paper of high temperatures and pressure in presses. This is how resins penetrate deeply into the structure of paper, filling the fibers and changing its structure at the chemical level.
The result is a monolithic material that does not lose its operational and aesthetic properties for decades (does not wear out, does not scratch, does not rot, does not burn out, does not break).

Variety of HPL outdoor furniture produced under the Giarmo brand

The visual lightness and restraint of the design of the Adda sofa group demonstrate solidity and respectability. The presence of open areas and storage places will allow you to recreate the comfort on the outdoor terrace. The production uses high-strength HPL, which does not require additional seasonal processing, is unpretentious in care, and is not affected by insects.

For the production of soft elements, acrylic fabric from the French factory Sunbrella was chosen. It is interesting for its water and dirt-repellent properties, a large assortment of colors and structures. The fabric is fade resistant and UV protected. Differs in air permeability, resistance to emergence of a fungus and ease in leaving. Metal elements made using a special technology can be used outdoors, excluding any negative environmental impact.

Collection Arno
The Arno sofa group will look good in the lobby of any hotel. On the sofa you can relax with a cup of coffee after a long flight, check your mail on your laptop or just take a selfie in a comfortable environment. This collection of Giarmo furniture is also suitable for placement on the terrace of a country house. Guests will certainly pay attention to the original design of the sofa and stylish design.

The furniture is made of high-strength HPL, unpretentious in care, protected from UV rays, precipitation and temperature changes. Thanks to the impregnation created on the basis of molecular nanotechnology, Sunbrella acrylic fabric is not afraid of moisture, pollution, ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, mechanical abrasion and bleaches. Covers are easy to remove and machine washable. Metal elements, protected from the negative effects of the weather, are also guaranteed a long service life.

Tibr Collection
The Tibr garden group has a light and elegant design. On the terrace with such furniture you can relax as much as possible, spend time with your family at breakfast or dinner in the fresh air. It can not only decorate the yard area of a private house, but also become the basis of an open-air cafe.

Furniture will retain its original appearance for several decades. HPL, which is a monolithic slab, is reliably protected from precipitation. Outdoor furniture will not be damaged by the rays of the sun, because the material has increased resistance to ultraviolet radiation. It can be safely used at any time of the year, it is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature and excessive humidity. HPL is resistant to scratches, cracks and chips, the material has increased anti-vandal qualities.

HPL luminaires can be used to illuminate city squares and parks, illuminate parking areas, playgrounds, garden paths and other external elements. Regardless of the specifics of the application, the original HPL luminaire is guaranteed long-term operation while maintaining the original appearance.

flower beds
HPL flower beds are not afraid of high humidity, sudden temperature changes, aggressive chemicals. They are protected from scratches, chips and cracks, do not fade due to sunlight. Flowerbeds are easily cleaned from various contaminants.

The term of operation of a terrace board from HPL without loss in appearance and functionality reaches 50 years. You can not be afraid to walk barefoot, because splinters do not appear on the surface, it does not slip after rain. This is a great option for a large family with children. And if a wooden board is recommended for annual preparation for the season (it must be sanded to remove microcracks, coated with oil to protect it from external influences), then if HPL is chosen, all these actions are not necessary.

The deck board from environmentally friendly HPL is protected from precipitation and temperature changes. It does not heat up in the sun, while being resistant to any damage and chemicals. HPL has proven its superiority over precious woods (teak, thermo-ash, etc.), as well as alternative materials, including composites.

HPL furniture is in demand not only among private customers for decorating suburban areas, but also among owners of cafes, restaurants and hotels that organize catering and leisure facilities. The products are also used for the improvement of urban spaces, including parks, embankments, squares.

Swings, benches and other small architectural forms made of HPL are not afraid of mechanical impacts, chips, scratches and other annoying damage. Due to the increased moisture resistance, they are not damaged due to frequent precipitation. MAFs do not lose their appearance under the direct rays of the sun, they do not require special protection in winter and in summer heat. They do not deteriorate from chemically active substances, including detergents. Non-flammable, not afraid of contact with hot objects. For cleaning from pollution (even from paint and graffiti) specialized means are not required.

Why choose HPL for the playground? The monolithic material has no pores, so it is not afraid of high humidity, sudden temperature fluctuations and other weather troubles. Bright decor does not fade over time, it is reliably protected from UV rays. The rich shade that came out of the press will last decades later. Pollution, even the most persistent, is washed off without the use of specialized chemicals. Among the advantages is the widest range of colors (more than 250 decors). Non-warping dense HPL is reliably protected from chips and scratches. The material meets the most stringent standards, corresponds to physical and mechanical loads.

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